Zeus 2000 Brake Caliper-matted print

Zeus 2000 Brake Caliper-matted print - Synaptic Cycles Shop

Zeus 2000 Brake Caliper

"My favorite, hands down. Zeus shamelessly copied Campagnolo Record components, but they went their own way with their brakes. I love the silver-gray anodized, delicately forged pieces that make a caliper like none other before or since. I first saw them on a Zeus road bike I bought from Freddie Karcher, a frame builder in Blanchard, Oklahoma. I took that bike with its gorgeous calipers to school in Kansas City. I rode with my friend Dave in Norman, and in the Wichitas. I rode it from Lawton to Wichita Falls, Texas and back one day. I eventually sold that Zeus back to Freddie, but I found another set of those sweet calipers, and I make sure they stay in service. They’re beautiful, highly functional, and unique."

Jon Grant has worked as an illustrator, designer, and printer all of his professional life. He is fascinated with riding and the mechanical aspects of classic bicycles, so naturally, he can’t resist drawing them. We offer prints of his original ink drawings here. Offset printed in dense, black ink on white, acid-free, Bristol cover. Printed in USA.

Print is 8 "X 8" matted.